The REAL Reason Why New Licensed Realtors Don’t Last Too Long in the Market

As a realtor who has experienced over the years in the management, training and being a broker at hiring new real estate agents into the market, I have seen and known the real estate business pretty well. Realtors who have been in the market for a long time, they know very well how the new licenses which come into the firm do not stick for too long. They fail but usually they will always stress to you the fact that they were a realtor who has had the knowledge and experience of something worthwhile.

In this market, often, a list helps a list of questions that assist in determining the potential of the new agents in the field. One factor that stands out particularly in the judgment is that apart from the background, their intellect and their experience some else matters too. And that is their passion and their willingness. How much are they willing to financially and personally we well, into their new career? As I had the responsibility to hire, I have made some good choices while some hire that were not so good.

How Successful Agents Play the Game

realstateagentHow would a client feel when they are hearing a robust and willing real estate agent? Let me paint for you a picture. They will give you a glamorous vision where you live in your dream home, drive your desired cars, travel and roam. They will make you feel like they have an extensive list of clients waiting for you. While as a customer, they find that real estate agent to be confident, poised and that he knows what he is doing.

Now, even though the new hires will want the same for themselves as the successful agents get. But what makes the difference here is the attitude of these successful agents. They do not notice those late hours or the long one; they do not mind working on their day off either do they mind the morning distress calls. Please look at some properties being sold at Luxury Real Estate Grover Beach. They love to use the experience they have acquired over the years while they make it seem like their work is effortless and natural.

The Reasons – Uncut and Raw

So as the new hires enter, they enter with a lot of enthusiasm and optimism. As they start to work, they start out with the commitment. The commitment to learning more, to figure out and learn the scripts, to find new buyers and everything else the job demands. But that is when they start the self-doubt and become frustrated.

As they question themselves, they doubt their abilities and if they can impress the buyers. By this time, the job doesn’t seem to appeal to them anymore. Rather, they begin to think how much work they have to put in with minimum results and very tight money.

  • They have an unorganized management with no direction.
  • They lack the passion; hence they have no interest to be creative or resourceful.
  • Because of being worried about the cash flow, they have unrealistic expectations.
  • They are unwilling and can get quickly disinterested and distracted.
  • They do not wish to understand how an independent agent works neither do they have targeted goals.
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